About Chad Shore

Georgian native Chad Shore draws from a life of travel, music, and the stories of others to explore the light and dark sides of the human experience. “I want my audience to catch glimpses of passion, truth, and life through my artwork. By using a variety of mediums, I am able to express a wider range of mood and emotions that capture the reality that life throws at us.” Chad explains.

Whether it is through art or fashion, the presence of Chad Shore's work has been seen and featured in numerous solo exhibitions, fashion shows, and magazines. His explosively charismatic personality, intertwined with his eclectic style, makes his creations a full sensory experience. 

Shore's unfailing commitment to a life of art allows him to grow and take on new challenges, constantly bringing his innovative art to new levels. Possessing a vast knowledge of the culture and vibe of the community in which he works and lives, Chad Shore’s dynamic talent is recognized as one of Atlanta's premier artists.